Prison Playbook

Kim Je Hyuk, a famous baseball player, is arrested after using excessive force while chasing a man trying to sexually assault his sister. Shockingly to him and the rest of the nation, he is sentenced to a year in prison. There, he meets his childhood friend and fellow baseball player, Lee Joon Ho, who gave up on baseball after a car accident, but now is a prison guard and one of Je Hyuk's biggest fans. The drama revolves around Je Hyuk's time in prison, as well as prisoners he meets and events that take place there.

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  1. Bella

    gak nyangka, kirain bakal drama doang, ternyata epic !! It was an emotional roller coaster. Ngakak banget, terharu juga, ceritanya gak ketebak. Seru & bagus banget ! Wajib nonton

    9.0 rating
    • tancap88

      Enjoy 🙂